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Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas DIY

06 Nov 2012 0 Comments

Easy DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas

Fall is one of my FAVORITE seasons! Not only is my birthday in the Fall, it’s winery season, the perfect time for bonfires, kids are in the swing of their school schedules, and we get to spend more time with those we love!

I am generally someone who puts up my Halloween decorations in September, before everyone else, but this year I had to refrain from putting up a lot of our decorations because of our new puppy! Everything had to be put up high, where he couldn’t reach it, steal it, or carry it around like it was his, including our jack-o-lantern 🙂

Now that Halloween is over and Fall is in full swing, our Home Decor has shifted from scary to warm and friendly.

Here are a few ideas for Easy DIY Fall Home Decor:

Fall Home Decor Bottles Pumpkins Tubes Fireplace Mantel

Painted Striped Glass Vases

These glass canister/tubes are actually leftovers from our wedding centerpieces, so I have TONS of them, but they are available for a very low cost at most craft stores like Michael’s, and I’ve seen them at Walmart in the candle section. Here, I criss-crossed rubber bands over them, and spray painted them with matte white spray paint. When you put a small candle inside each, the glow is amazing!

Wine Bottle Tiki

Also pictured here, the Pinot Gris Tiki. To make this, I took a wine bottle from my favorite winery and filled it almost all the way full of clear tiki fluid and added a cork wick (from Michael’s) so that I can continue to enjoy my favorite wine! The pumpkins can be found at just about any store with fall decor, I think they also sell them at the dollar store!

Fall Table Top Home Decor Centerpieces

Dining Room Table Centerpiece with Mixed Fall Pieces

The dining room table is one of my favorite places to add Holiday Decor because you get to spend so much time with those you love in a lovely, decorated setting. This table centerpiece was put together with a table runner that was my mother’s, a gold cloth napkin (Target), more of the tubes from our wedding centerpieces, some candles, and some fall leaves pulled off their “stems”.
The glass tubes are filled with things I found around the house that looked “Fall-ish” like wine corks, half of a swag, and some large pieces of a decorative potpourri. Candles were made using the fall fragrance of Glade jars sitting on candle stick holders in different heights that I found for $2.00 at Walmart.

Stick Flower Arrangement

This piece is extremely easy! All you need is some cheap Fall Foliage, some ribbon, and a few thin sticks from the yard. Put the flowers together how you want them in a bouquet and hold together with a rubber band. Cut the stems all at the same length so that it will “stand” on it’s own. Add the sticks on the outside of the stems to hide the ugly green or brown unnatural stems. Cut the sticks as well, to the same length as the flower stems, and tie a ribbon with a bow in the front!

Artificial Pumpkin filled with Fall Flowers Home Decor
Floral Jack o Lantern

Last but not least, this one is my favorite! Did you use those artificial pumpkins for your Halloween decor? If you have any that you’ve carved, simply put it on a table, and stuff it’s “mouth” with fall flowers from the dollar store! Super cute and Extremely easy!! I get compliments on this one all the time, and I always laugh because it was so easy!

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