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Hello there lovely lady! You’re fun, curious, and always on the hunt for beautiful and interesting accessories to add to your wardrobe at unbeatable prices. Shopping for unique jewelry and accessories, or personalized options that help you share your style with the world can be difficult and even overwhelming. You obviously do not want what to wear everyone else has, but there are not many options that are affordable, easy to shop, and offer the styles and uniqueness you are looking for. With so many online boutiques, downlines, and big box stores – where do you start? There must be an easier way.

Shop Beautiful Handmade Fashion JewelryI’m Amanda, and I’ve been there before, with the same desire for something fun and different, but inexpensive, constantly feeling burnt out on all the “host a party” and “join our team” messages from popular downlines, while not wanting to shop at big stores because I’d only find the same styles everyone else has. For so long, it seemed to me that this was my only option – wearing the same things as everyone else or paying out the nose for expensive items that I’d only wear a few times a year.

Today, through Spilled Glitter, I’ve received over 20,000 orders from women just like you, as well as husbands, friends, mothers, aunts, uncles and grandmothers looking to give beautiful and memorable gifts to their loved ones! When you want something different than everyone else, without the need to host a party or join a downline, visit Spilled Glitter!

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You’ll find beautiful handmade fashion jewelry and accessories at prices you can afford, with sales and specials that fit with your needs, and ways to connect to receive offers and new product information when and how you want to receive them – oh and a great blog about things relevant to you everyday life! Shop our unique collection of handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets, floating lockets, custom invitations and more. We’re so glad you stopped by!

Founded in October of 2012, Spilled Glitter was formed out of a hobby, and I take pride in the products and joy that come from creating unique and personal pieces of jewelry, custom invitations, and home décor items. For many years (even before the company was created), I have helped friends and family members create beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry, for both everyday wear and for special events, as well as special event invitations, cards, and home décor items. The company, Spilled Glitter, was formed to extend my wonderful hobby to you!

Creative and Unique Jewelry Is My Empire

Amanda McGinnis - Spilled Glitter Owner

From the time I was about 11 years old, my mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin and I would visit the International Gem and Jewelry shows twice a year. Imagine a convention hall lined with rows upon rows upon rows of jewelry and jewelry supply vendors. Most would find it overwhelming and even overstimulating. For me, it is one my absolute most happy places. Full of beautiful designs and styles, but also rich with awesome beads and accessories to make my very own beautiful creations. I walk in like a blank canvas and soak it all in… then begin dreaming up new creations as I move through all of the wonderful wares!

And so, with a helpful push from a few family members and friends, in October of 2012, I decided to make it my mission to create unique jewelry and accessories with a new, simple business model – one that would set my soul on fire, allow me to see my products and creations reach thousands of women, and would create an extraordinary experience for my customers, allowing them to feel stylish, unique, and fun for less and without the hassle!

Where Did Spilled Glitter Get It’s Name?

Funny you should wonder, it’s a bit of a silly story. When I was in High School, one of my favorite teachers, (art of course!) always used to say that "Glitter was the art medium of the Devil!"

Fast forward a few years: While working with my Aunt, Grandmother, and a friend on our hand made Christmas cards one beautiful day, we were all talking and laughing while assembling and gluing our little pieces of paper together, hoping to send some joy via mail to those we loved. Our friend was using glitter on the ends of her candy shaped cut outs for her cards. After talking for a while during our conversation, we looked over at her, and there was literally glitter EVERY. WHERE. The floor, her table, her shoes, her eyebrows, her hair, probably up her nose, etc. You get the picture. There was no getting out of the mess she was in.

It was so funny that we laughed till our sides felt like they’d split open. To this day, there are still specks of glitter on my Aunt’s basement floor that will never ever be removed. My teacher was right. Glitter is the art medium of the Devil. And I aim to use it to make joy 🙂 Not everything has to include glitter, but glitter brings fun, and Spilled Glitter packages are joyful to receive! So go ahead… spill a little glitter ♥