Fashion Trends for Jewelry

Fashion Trends for Jewelry

A continuing trend that drives women’s choices for fashionable jewelry is the consumers’ drive for individuality, fashion, and escapism. Women seem to always be on the lookout for jewelry that will make them more fashionable, enhance their style, or set them apart from others. Sometimes we go for a more adventurous and daring piece of jewelry, and sometimes we choose to accessorize with simply, subtle jewelry. Whatever the choice is for the day, no one can go wrong with putting on a few fabulous jewels!

Adventurous Jewelry Styles

If a woman wants to pull out an adventurous look, the latest industry predictions for winter styles show that designers have opted for colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum. This means stylish colors will be jeweled, browns, maroons, mustard, and dark greens, sometimes conflicting, or non matching. So how can anyone go wrong throwing on a amethyst ring, ruby necklace, or an aquamarine bracelet. Even a black diamond ring can add a completeness to an outfit. Bold colors are in for this winter. Citrine earrings, blue topaz earrings, aquamarine earrings, pink sapphires, and smoky topaz earrings can really add a fashionable flair to your wardrobe, and you will definitely fall into this seasons latest trend. Gems are also always enriched with deep and vivid colors. Remember bold colors are going to make you stand out, and there is no problem looking dazzling this winter.

Black, Beige, & Neutral Colors

Another popular trend this season, are the neutral colors that play the backbone for all other colors to play on. These nude hues leave an honest vibe that makes anyone relaxed, calm, and approachable. Even gold is trending in this style. Any type of gold chain, ring, or earrings, can give someone a relaxed style, and also look very trendy for this season.

Going for a subtler look with your jewelry & accessories?

No one can go wrong having a classic white pearl necklace. A pearl necklace can give off your presence in a classy and even a flirtatious way. Every one should have at least one pearl necklace in their jewelry box. Having a simple necklace around your neck won’t do you wrong either!

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