Wardrobe Sudoku by Sarah Dee Featuring Spilled Glitter!

I recently had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting an amazing woman, Sarah Dee, who is very similar to myself in that she plans her outfits (more on this later!), and is setting out to design her dream capsule wardrobe. She participates in a group on Facebook called Dressing Your Truth, where they have a calendar for each month, and they plan fun outfits of the day. These items only include clothing items like shirts, pants, and skirts. Jewelry, shoes and handbags are the icing on the cake and are used to inspire and add to the outfits.

She had fallen in love with floating lockets, and stumbled upon my Etsy shop. How do Floating Lockets relate to wardrobe capsules? Sarah says:

“I am always on the search for things that inspire my outfits. Welllllll…..These lockets have inspired my outfits for the next 12 months!”

Sarah Dee's Floating Locket Wardrobe Sudoku Capsules

Photo collage credit: Sarah Dee

Sarah purchased a locket collection from Spilled Glitter for nearly EVERY MONTH of the year, including Holiday lockets and Spring and Summer charm combinations, and is using them as style inspiration to plan her outfits for each month!

Visit her blog to learn more about how to create your very own wardrobe sudoku!


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