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Tic Tac Toe 3x3 Changeable Wall Decor

10 Feb 2013 0 Comments
3x3 Valentine's Changeable Home Decor Wall Hanging

Tic Tac Toe 3×3 Changeable Wall Decor

When I first moved into our new house, I was very intimidated by all of the blank walls. Being “crafty” sometimes has it’s downfalls, because every time I found an interesting piece of art for our home, I thought to myself “No, don’t buy that, I can just make it”. Needless to say, the projects piled up, and the walls stayed blank. Then I realized, I have what I call “Wall Commitment Issues”, where I’m afraid to hang anything, because I’m afraid I’ll find something better after making the commitment.

My aunt, being a crafty girl herself, realized this as well, and came up with a GREAT solution! She purchased 9 12×12 frames from Michael’s, and put cute scrapbooking paper in each one that matched my family room decor. Here’s a photo of the original (sorry it’s a bit blurry!):

Now, for each Holiday or Festivity, I’ve started changing out the papers in the frames, and my little secret is that I leave all of the paper in each one for easy storage too! For Valentine’s Day, my husband came up with the idea of using it as a tic-tac-toe board using x’s and o’s! So I got to work with my new Cricut machine (thanks to my hubby for such a great Xmas present!) and found some cute pink papers for Valentine’s day.

Here’s the finished project:


Since I love this 3×3 wall arrangement so much, I’ve decided to do it above our headboard in the bedroom as well!

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