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New Trend: Sideways Cross Beaded Bracelets

02 Aug 2013 0 Comments
Beaded Sideways Cross Bracelets

New Trend: Sideways Cross Beaded Bracelets

Sideways Cross Beaded BraceletsA while ago, I came across some really cool sideways cross pendant like bead findings at the Collinsville, IL Gem & Jewelry Show. Not thinking too much of it, I made a few colorful beaded stretch bracelets with them, and wore them with other bracelets stacked together. Then one evening while at my girlfriend’s spray tan party (yes, I said that! Its basically like a home-vendor party, except everyone leaves looking like they’ve been in Tahiti for a week! ~ Very Fun!) I had to take off all of my jewelry before my spray tan so that it didn’t get on my jewelry or leave weird marks on my skin – wouldn’t want to ruin my tan!

When I came back to my place at her kitchen table, where my jewelry had been left, I realized it was all being passed around the table. I didn’t necessarily mind, mainly because I knew most everyone at the party, but what caught me off guard was that they all wanted my bracelet with the sideways cross! Needless to say, I left with orders for 10 bracelets, and continued to add to the orders as I filled them! I never thought taking off your jewelry during a spray tan party would be such a great idea 🙂

Order Your Sideways Cross Bracelets Online!

I’ve put the bracelets online now so that it’s easier to order them! There are two different options, with your choice of bead colors and cross metal. The second option includes 1 Cross Bracelet and 2 Matching Beaded Stretch Bracelets.
Please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me if you have any questions!

Custom Beaded Sideways Cross Bracelets
Stackable Sideways Cross Bracelets

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