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A Collection of Earrings Inspired by Joanna Gaines

04 Mar 2018 0 Comments
A Collection of Earrings Inspired by Joanna Gaines

If you’re like most women, you’ve seen the hit sensation Fixer Upper on HGTV once or twice. Ok, you binge watch it every Tuesday up till the new episode airs that night – totally get it! Not only am I in awe at the amazing flips and remodels Joanna and Chip perform each episode, I simply cannot get enough of Joanna Gaines’ personal style! She’s so simple, yet elegant in every way, and I love her easy going “I threw this together” attitude. Her hair is so long, wavy and beautiful, her make up is simple yet enhances her natural beauty, and her outfits are always perfectly on point – and the thing I’m the most infatuated with are the adorable statement making earrings she wears every single episode! I just can’t get enough of them, which often makes me think to myself “you need to wear more flattering earrings, or even just CHANGE them once in a while!” since I usually wear simple studs and don’t change them very often other than to clean them.

Recently (and mostly thanks to Joanna), I’ve started paying more attention to my earring collection, you know, showing my lobes some love. I’ve found that my collection of statement earrings is actually quite large – I seem to have forgotten about them, or haven’t paid much attention to how it’s grown over the years.

The best way to wear big earrings is very much like my earring idol Joanna Gaines wears hers – with a simple necklace, and bracelet, nothing too big or overpowering that takes away from the beauty of the earrings. Often, when I wear dangle earrings, I’ll skip the statement necklace and add a few extra bracelets instead – giving a bit of “room to breathe” from jewelry piece to jewelry piece in my day’s outfit.

Looking to add to and build your earring collection with great statement making earrings? Check out these great pieces!

Spilled Glitter now carries several “Joanna Gaines Inspired” Earring Styles

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