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Winter Bucket List - 50 Things to Do This Winter while Socially Distanced

29 Nov 2020 0 Comments
Winter Bucket List - 50 Things to Do This Winter while Socially Distanced

This winter might turn out to be especially difficult, being that we are all still trying to socially distance ourselves, and many events and public spaces are remaining at either limited capacity or are still not open. With less events, and limited available activities, I thought it would be nice to put together a Winter Bucket list of 50 things to do with children while socially distanced this winter. Have some ideas? I'd love to hear! Share them in the comments!

50 Things to Do this Winter While Socially Distanced

  1. Make Christmas Cookies - what are everyone's favorites?
  2. Write Thank You/Holiday notes for the Mail Man and Garbage Collectors
  3. Have a Family Game Night, complete with a snack tray and simple but fun prizes
  4. Make your own Christmas Tree ornaments
  5. Learn about how other religions celebrate the holidays
  6. Create a Christmas Treasure Hunt
  7. Write Thank You notes to your teachers
  8. Wrap presents together
  9. Make popcorn garland
  10. Make a list of everything GOOD that has happened this year
  11. Volunteer at a local shelter, church or food kitchen
  12. Make a birdfeeder with a toilet paper roll, peanut butter, and birdseed
  13. Round up unused toys, clothes you aren't wearing, unused school supplies, and anything else you can think of - donate to children's home or a shelter for recovering women and mothers
  14. Go pet the animals at a local shelter (put together something to bring them too, like blankets and towels, kibble, toys, etc!)
  15. Call a relative you haven't talked with in a long time
  16. Make paper snowflakes
  17. Play Christmas Trivia
    Christmas Trivia
  18. Make your own Christmas Cards
  19. Have a movie night and camp out under the tree
  20. Make hand print salt dough ornaments - click here for instructions and recipe
  21. Drive through the neighborhoods to see Christmas lights, use this fun scavenger hunt
  22. Make a gingerbread house
  23. Play Guess that Christmas Movie Quote using this printable
    Christmas Movie Quote Scramble
  24. Make care packages for deployed soldiers
  25. Write a letter to someone far away
  26. Have a drawing/coloring contest - Here's a fun page to color!
    Christmas Coloring Page
  27. Make your own hot cocoa
  28. Paint rocks to decorate your landscaping
  29. Go ice skating
  30. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon
  31. Make a puzzle together
  32. Play Christmas Charades - Here's a great game you can print
  33. Research arctic animals and bird migration patterns
  34. Learn how to say Merry Christmas in different languages
  35. Play pin the nose on Rudolph using a piece of box or cut paper bag and make a red nose using a pom pom or red construction paper
  36. Make your new year's resolution lists
  37. Complete a 12 Days of Christmas Quiz like this one!
    12 Days of Christmas Printable
  38. Write a good bye 2020 letter
  39. Bundle up and take a nature hike at a local park
  40. Make a time capsule and bury it in the back yard
  41. Hide candy canes outside around the house and have a candy cane hunt
  42. Make funny snow globe ornaments using jars or clear cups and everyone's photos like these
    Christmas Ornament Snow Globes
  43. Make homemade chicken noodle soup
  44. Do a Christmas Word Search - here's a great one!
    Christmas Word Search
  45. Host a zoom dinner party with friends.
  46. Do a science experiment for fun and document the results
  47. Have an indoor "snowball" fight with fluffy poms or stack solo cups and try to shoot the "snowballs" at the cups to knock them down (use clean rolled socks if you don't have poms!)
  48. Play "Snowball" Transfer game with cotton balls and a straw (here's how!)
  49. Do winter mad libs like these: Santa Claus and Mr. Snowman
  50. Do a Christmas word scramble - here's a great one! 

Lastly, enjoy every moment together!!


Socially Distant Winter Activities for Kids

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