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Easter Basket Gift Ideas & Sale

25 Feb 2018 0 Comments
Easter Basket Ideas and Easter Jewelry Sale

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Now – March 31st, Spilled Glitter is offering 20% off all jewelry items – helping you “Get Your Hop On”! Use code EASTER at checkout for 20% off your order of $5 or more. The offer is not valid with other coupon codes and doesn’t count towards shipping.

Easter is such a fun time of the year! I’ve always welcomed Easter as the unofficial start of Spring, bringing chirping birds, melting snow, new flower and tree buds and warm family gatherings. As a kid, my cousins and I had a blast in our grandparent’s huge back yard, where we’d hunt eggs for hours – hidden in all the best places! A few always went un-found, and my grandfather would inevitably find them with the lawn mower a few weeks later 🙂

When we thought we’d found them all, we’d head back to the house and open them all – finding everything from candies and money to cute hair bows and bracelets. Our baskets were always loaded with wonderful springtime finds too – some of my favorites were the starburst jelly beans, robins’ eggs, and always a special something from grandma – which was usually a nice piece of jewelry or something special I’d seen at the International Gem & Jewelry Show that my family always attended each spring. She also ALWAYS ate the ears off my chocolate bunnies! A tradition I will of course pass down 🙂

As I grew older and had a son of my own, I quickly learned how difficult it was to do the “Bunny Hop”. My aunt had her son shortly after I had mine, and we’d trade off each year on who had “Easter Egg Duty”. Sometimes coming up with ideas for what to stuff the eggs and baskets with was hard, especially as they got older. Here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with over the years, and a few things Spilled Glitter has, (reasonably priced!) to include as goodies in your little one’s Easter Eggs and Baskets.

Easter Egg Ideas:

  • Quarters
  • Small Nail Polishes
  • Plastic Bracelets
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Small Hot Wheels
  • Stickers
  • Erasers
  • Littlest Pet Shops
  • Wrapped Candies (not chocolates, which can melt and harm pets!)
  • Foam Dinosaur caplets
  • Ring Pops
  • Rubber/Toy Rings
  • Seeds (to plant and grow together!)

Easter Basket Ideas:

A few ideas that come to mind are basics for small children, such as coloring books, crayons, bath toys, planner accessories, stuffed animals, littlest pet shops, small figurines, pencils and markers for school, activity books, and of course candies! But for those special Easter Basket stuffers, Spilled Glitter has a few very reasonably priced ideas.

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