Cue convos with friends and co-workers: “I can’t wait to kiss 2020 goodbye,” they’re all saying.

And they’re probably spot on – because for so many people, this year has been one of the toughest we’ve lived through. A year full of constraints, fear, restrictions, social distancing, and so so much change. Thinking about all the heaviness the year has brought those close to me has me thinking “yeah… peace out 2020!”.

But then, during a trip to visit my family in Louisiana that almost didn’t happen out of fear, I stopped and reflected on my own story of 2020. And, I know before I even begin that mine is a story of a bit of privilege, and it’s likely very different than that of so many others.

I want to appreciate the great things that have happened this year, the path we’ve made for the future, and what I’m excited about jumping into in the new year.

This Year I’m Grateful For:

  1. More Connections – with my family, friends new and old, and co-workers – new, near and far. Using technology more than ever, we’ve been able to connect with people in ways we would have never previously dreamed of.
  2. Meaningful Conversations – the work ones, the difficult ones, the scary ones and everything in between. This year has been an emotional rollercoaster, and a journey that I myself have learned a lot from.
  3. Collective Change – It’s about damn time we’ve started recognizing some things that need to change, I’m all for shaking things up and making us do and be better!
  4. Creativity and Creation – I can be one creative mess of endless thoughts and projects. This year forced me to focus and change the way I handle creativity in a more structured way than ever before!
  5. Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone – I’ve got one mean inner critic… she’s harsh and worse than anyone ever could be. This year I faced a new position at work – a big one, and my inner critic was fired up with the “need-to’s, could haves, should haves and would haves”. I know in my heart what I’m great at, what I’m passionate about, and this year made me push my limits in ways that were almost unhealthy. I’ve learned a lot about both myself and others this year, and I know how to stretch myself out beyond the framework of my comfort zone for the betterment of the end result.

And I’m Thrilled with Excitement for My Goals and Plans for 2021!

  1. Renewed Commitment to Myself – Eating fresher foods (like, the real ones), drinking more water, and being mindful of what I put into and do to my body. It is a lifestyle after all.
  2. More Ease and Less Hustle – Spending more time relaxing and doing things I enjoy, and less time stressing and worrying over things that won’t matter a year from now. Reminding myself that it’s ok to delegate and work can be easier. I’ve got a renewed commitment to bringing you fabulous finds and beautiful handmade jewelry and invitation designs! Oh and a fun piece of software to help me track inventory and keep myself sane 🙂
  3. Being PRESENT with Boundless Creativity and Opportunity – This one is a huge goal for me in 2021. I’ve always thought it was impossible for my personal self to play a role in marketing my “side-hustle” business Spilled Glitter – because I just had too much to do, and who am little old me, why does anyone care?! Same for my “day job” with Amplified Digital. This year, I’m planning to make a presence in these brands, to give myself space to create more, and to focus on what matters to my/our audiences most, which is personalization and personality – after all, both of these brands have come from my (and my teams’ in Amplified’s case) hard work and passion! So here I am world! Get ready!
  4. Spending More Time Doing What I Love – Last year I had a goal to read 30 books throughout the year. 2020 ruined that for me with it’s craziness that had me in a spin for half the year. Not this year. I’m going to tackle this one head on in 2021! I’ll let you know what I’m loving as I go! Follow me on GoodReads for more or join me in the Book of the Month Club!
  5. Travel and Adventure – Who knows where, or with whom, but it will be fun! I’d love to visit the huge Gem and Jewelry show in Tucson in February! Maybe I’ll finally make it this year!

Here’s to an exciting 2021 🥂 What’s on your list? Drop me a line!