Floating Lockets, Charms, Plates & Dangles

Each Memory Locket is custom designed by you with the floating charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love. Create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you will cherish for years to come!

Choosing your floating memory locket size, shape, color and chain are the first steps in building your very own custom glass floating memory locket. Spilled Glitter carries a wide variety of floating locket necklaces, available in small 20mm, medium 25mm, large 30mm, and several heart shaped medium lockets, as well as several varieties of floating locket bracelets with chain links or with leather wrap bracelets, as well as key chain and bag clip floating lockets.

Floating Memory Locket Necklace

Step 1: Floating Lockets

Start by selecting the floating memory locket that is best for the amount of charms you’ll want to include. Each of our floating locket necklaces comes complete with a matching ball station chain, and our floating locket bracelets come with the link chain or the leather wrap, depending on which style you choose.

  • Large and 30mm Floating Lockets hold approximately 7-12 charms
  • Medium and 25mm lockets hold between 4-7 charms
  • Small/Mini and 20mm lockets hold 1-3 charms

Shop our beautiful collection of floating memory locket necklaces and bracelets!

Step 2: Floating Locket Charms

Next, you’ll want to select which charms you’d like to include in your floating locket. Spilled Glitter carries a wide range of styles in floating locket charms, including: Animal & Pet Charms, Faith & Cause Charms, Family & Friends Charms, Characters, Flowers, Food & Drink, Career & Hobby, Holiday Charms, Letters & Numbers, Love & Wedding Charms, Sports & Events Charms, Travel & Season Charms, and Birthstone & Accent Stones. Build your floating locket charm collection with the things that are most important to you. Make sure to mix up colors, metals, and stones for the best look!

Floating Locket Charms

Floating Locket Plates

Step 3: Locket Plates & Rings

After you’ve chosen your charms, you might want to check out our collection of accent floating locket plates and rings to compliment your charms! Capture a special moment or meaning within your locket with a locket plate or ring plate. The plate sits in the back, behind your charms which will float around on top and make a beautiful statement. Always make sure to choose a plate size that fits within your locket, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Large back plates look amazing with smaller plates and charms mixed in front.

Step 4: Dangles & Pendants

If you’d like to continue accessorizing your locket, shop our amazing HUGE selection of custom and hand made floating locket dangles to accentuate your style! Dangles are basically pendants that have clasps on the end to link onto your chain. They also look great on bracelets and other necklaces without your locket! Wear them alone or bunch them all together for a fabulous style that is sure to get tons of compliments!

Floating Locket Dangles

Floating Locket Chains

Step 5: Locket Chains

Lastly, choose a chain or two to wear with your floating locket. If you’ve chosen dangles for your locket, we recommend choosing a longer chain, or one with a loop on the end to connect your dangles, which allows multiple dangles to be attached. Choose the length based on your personal preference. We carry a wide range of floating locket chain styles, from Rolo chains to Ball Station Chains, in lengths ranging from 32″, 24″, 22″, and 18-20″. We recommend choosing a smaller chains for younger girls.

Pre-Assembled Locket Charm Collections

Can’t decide on your specific look, or are you shopping for a gift? Check out our amazing selection of pre-assembled floating locket charm collections. Each style allows you to choose the charms only, charms and dangles (plates optional depending on style), and whether or not you want the locket included. These collections make choosing your floating locket charms and dangles so easy, and they are the perfect solution to your gift giving needs for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding bride and bridesmaid gifts, graduations, mother’s day and so much more! If you’re totally stumped and need help building a beautiful collection, please contact us – we’re happy to help!

Custom Floating Locket Charm Collections