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Founded in 2012  – Spilled Glitter was formed out of a hobby, and I take pride in our products and the joy that comes with creating such unique and personal pieces of jewelry, invitations, and home decor items. For many years (even before the company was created), I have helped tons of my friends and family members create beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry, for both every day wear and for special events, as well as special event invitations, cards, and home decor items. The company, Spilled Glitter, was formed to extend my wonderful hobby to you!

Here’s a little about why I started Spilled Glitter

Hi! My name is Amanda. Throughout my childhood I was always amazed at the talent and wonders that my school art teachers could create in 30 seconds or less to give us instructions for a project. I would put forth my very best efforts towards art in school, (never math or social studies) and even tried to go to school with the flu in 2nd grade, just so that I could go to my art class.

My family has always contributed to my hobbies, sometimes like they were seeing themselves flourish in me. My mother the sewer, always finding new fun things to make and do, my grandmother the painter, and aunt the crafter & scrapbooker. We’re all wired a bit different than the rest of the world!

As a teen, my artistic trend continued. I covered my bedroom walls with posters, magazine pages of fun advertising, and of course, my drawings. Not a single square of actual wall could be seen. (Imagine patching the holes before we moved!)

I went through college for a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, with emphasis in Graphic Design & Marketing…which helped me learn to do just about everything on a computer, from photo editing, logo design, and invitation design, to website design and advertising/marketing strategics. Jewelry and book making classes were a MUST for me throughout college, so that I had something hands-on every semester, though I do feel the same about graphic design as I do handmade crafts & jewelry, the hands-on crafts and designs seem to have more stress relieving and beneficial qualities!

Now, as an adult, I’m happily married with a mixed family of 3 kids and a dog. I carry what I call “wall commitment issues”, meaning I’m afraid to hang decorations on the walls of our home for fear that I’ll come up with something better after making the decision. I pay attention to the most minute little details of everything, and it has become almost a sickness how often I say or think “I’ll just make that” rather than buying something in a store. I have over 50 projects “going” at once, and seem to never stop finding new things to make or create. I also often doubt and surprise myself with great ideas, abilities, and new hobbies.

For over 10 years now I’ve kept my “day job” as the Director of Creative Strategy at Amplified Digital Agency, a division of Lee Enterprises, where I help develop and create unique and impactful digital marketing strategies for display advertising, search marketing, social media,  and websites for businesses throughout the St. Louis area. My creativity contributes greatly through developing these creative ideas, website designs, and fun marketing materials for our clients.

Because I have a “day job” I often don’t get the time to spend on my projects and hobbies that I would like while working, keeping our home clean and liveable, and spending time with my family…So I decided to do what I really LOVE, and create a business, so that I will focus more on doing what I love, and less on being stressed out from work, chores, and the stresses of daily life.

I currently have my own crafting studio at home (thank you hubby!), and spend time whenever I can designing, creating, and building. I really love and adore every minute I get here in my little space. I often feel like my craft area is my own little corner on sanity…:)

I’m Amanda, a happy mom and a happy, crafty artist …:)

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